4 Replies to “A New Documentary: The War on Humans

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    Jaceli123 says:

    Speaking of documentaries you guys need to check out: Nature of Existence. It has a bunch of interviews with Atheists and Theists alike.

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    Joe says:

    Why don’t the rest of us wage a war on the people who want a war on humans? 😎

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    jstanley01 says:

    I’d bet that most people will demure. At most conceding, given Darwinian premises, that a war against humans is a remote but unlikely theoretical possibility.

    The facts are, however, that the war has already been engaged. And the environmentalist side has already succeeded in killing millions…

    DDT, Fraud, and Tragedy

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    Andre says:


    Am I the only one that sees the danger of this person hood status to be given to animals? Not the danger to the humans but the danger it presents to the animals?

    Now we can sue animals for murder, emotional abuse, theft and worst of all people can now start marrying animals legally. If they have person hood it won’t be long before the fist legal marriage will be instituted.

    People are not fighting for animal rights they are fighting to remove their rights! and diminish our duty towards them.

    This world has gone belly up….

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