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A New Model for Evolution: A Rhizome

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Evolutionists have a problem. Their theory doesn’t fit the facts, yet it must be true. They have to constantly change their story, all the while insisting it is a fact. Like a Heraclitean flux, it is constantly changing and yet always called the same thing. Evolutionists are continually surprised by the science, yet they euphemistically call this “progress.” A recent article in The Lancet, suggesting that evolution is like a rhizome, is a good example of evolution’s folly that is so obvious.  Read more
By the way, my cat tried to help me engineer the first part of my comment by walking across the keyboard as I was typing. This mutation resulted in a loss of specified information and prematurely reproduced it on the Internet, but who knows -- perhaps if enough cats walk on enough keyboards, biological information-processing systems might finally be produced. Monkeys have already been empirically disqualified from being capable of this task, so I'm putting my money on cats. GilDodgen
predictions, which are consistently and transparently always wrong, give credence to their thesis. GilDodgen
Almost everything about "modern evolutionary theory" is ludicrous on its face, when considered in the light of contemporary science. These clowns just won't give up, trying to convince rational people that their trransparirration GilDodgen
Thanks for posting this article Dr. Hunter. I hope you pursue this line of inquiry further. I've seen several pieces of "unbiased" evidence coming together recently, such as this article, that shows the differences are much, much, greater between different kinds of species than neo-Darwinists are willing to admit. When evolutionists must shoehorn evidence, such as the Theobald article did in looking at a very limited "conserved" data set of only 23 proteins while ignoring thousands of other proteins , you know that we have not been getting the straight scoop that one would expect from science. But then again we are not dealing with scientists are we? Were are dealing with a priesthood protecting their religion. bornagain77

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