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A study of reviewers who read or didn’t read Meyer’s Signature in the Cell, before trashing it …

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😆 Wrapping up the recent contest on why some educated people trash books unread and what to call those who do, thanks to commenter TomG at 9 who links us to a study at Thinking Christian of “noviewers” of Steve Meyer’s Signature in the Cell:

So then, who read the book? Of those who rated the book favorably (5 stars), 94 percent likely read the book, and 2 percent communicated they had not read it, and 4 percent were in the middle grouping. Of those who gave the book a 1-star rating, only 26 percent likely read the book. About 43 percent of very negative ratings came from people who read the book only in part (or whose reading of the book was in doubt), and 31 percent came from people who felt free to pronounce their opinion without even reading it.

Winner Cannuckian Yankee would likely say that they were informing themselves on why they are such ignoramuses, and are frustrated because it doesn’t usually work …

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