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Admin note: Here are some links to archived websites of interest re ID

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In case you were looking for older information:

ISCID (mostly for the PCID journal, Progress in Complexity, Information, and Design)

Telic Thoughts

Research Intelligent Design

Thanks to the friend who provided the links.

Thanks for these links. There’s tons of good work and info on these pages and it was a shame to lose them. I’ll put a link to them on my page too! Joshua G
Please update the links in resources;I just happened to have tried the telic link yesterday for the first time in years and found it broken. Great timing! Thanks es58
Telic Thoughts had some of the absolute best discussions. It was a good back-and-forth that wasn't a complete firehose. johnnyb
Thanks!!! jorronet
Thanks News. Allan Keith
:-) I spent a lot of time at ISCID. jdk

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