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    Upright BiPed says:

    It seems a little early to be addressing “after” Expelled. But, anyway…

    The movie will easily go over the $3.8 mil mark for its first week by the time the Thursday numbers are released later today. That positions it as the 48th best release of the year in revenue, and #4 for any PG movie in 2008. If I didn’t overlook anything, then if will finish its first week at roughly the #3 position in the US when ranked by $ per screen. Its website has exploded as well – currently ranked #3 among all movie websites for the past week, with the highest growth of any current websites.

    I saw the movie a second time last evening, taking my daughter to see it (as she is getting ready to go off to college). Without any doubt, at least for me, the movie was better the second time around.

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    DLH says:

    Expelled continues in 9th place in all movies being shown. It ranks #4 in revenue per theater among the top current twenty movies by box office.

    It earned $3,902,920 for the first week. That puts it in
    * 7th place for all Documentaries Political

    * 19th in all Documentaries.

    * 16th in overall Christian movies.

    Not bad for a move almost all the “elite” and “movie critics” are disparaging. e.g. Rotten Tomatoes ranks it 9%.

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    DLH says:

    Free lecture to tackle intelligent design debate
    Kari C. Barlow
    Sunday May 4th, 2008

    NICEVILLE — The local debate over intelligent design will kick into high gear Thursday when one of the movement’s leading supporters speaks at the Mattie Kelly Arts Center at Okaloosa-Walton College.

    Nancy Pearcey will present “Beyond Expelled,” a free lecture on the foundation of Darwinism and how it affects American culture. The speech, which starts at 6:30 p.m., is sponsored by Westminster Presbyterian Church in Fort Walton Beach. . . .

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