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Aired on BBC: Consciousness no different than our ability to digest


From Anna Buckley at BBC:

Consciousness is real. Of course it is. We experience it every day. But for Daniel Dennett, consciousness is no more real than the screen on your laptop or your phone.

The geeks who make electronic devices call what we see on our screens the “user illusion”. It’s a bit patronising, perhaps, but they’ve got a point.

Our brains, like our bodies, have evolved over hundreds of millions of years. They are the result of millions and millions of years of haphazard trial and error evolutionary experiments.

From an evolutionary perspective, our ability to think is no different from our ability to digest, says Dennett.

Both these biological activities can be explained by Darwin’s Theory of Natural Selection, often described as the survival of the fittest. More.

Oh never mind. Dark energy is also supposed to be an illusion. But if consciousness is an illusion, how would we know that dark energy is?
<em>Teapot</em> Cobalt Blue
Is it worth asking whose illusion consciousness is? Nah, we thought not. The world of tenure in these fields now consists largely in being unable to perceive such problems or address them intelligibly.

Note: Don’t think these points of view, aired with increasing frequency in government-funded media, have no impact. As in: Evolutionary biologist: Humans evolved to need coercion

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So then: Question: Would we give up naturalism to solve the hard problem of consciousness?

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It's like listening to a color-blind person declare conscious experience of color doesn't exit. I don't know what Dennet is experiencing, but it isn't what I'm experiencing. If Dennet really believes what he claims, then I conclude he is not conscious. mike1962

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