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Aliens are observing us from Mars orbit

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Aliens are said to be spying on us:

Physicist suggests orbiting objects are stakeouts for Martian probes to observe life on Earth and feeds into a 1960 theory that ‘superior galactic communities’ are watching …

An American physicist has proposed that alien ‘lurkers’ may have been observing us for millions of years.

James Benford released a paper suggesting these ancient Martians have setup ‘probes’ on a class of rocky near-Earth objects (NEO).

Theses co-orbital objects follow Earth’s similar loop around the sun and do it very closely to our planet – ‘providing an ideal way to watch our world from a secure natural object’.

Stacy Liberatore, “Are alien ‘lurkers’ SPYING on us?” at Daily Mail

The story also surfaced at ScienceAlert based on a paper in the Astronomical Journal. (paywall)

Gotta be true. Is this to certain secularist communities in science what an imminent Rapture is to certain evangelical Christian ones?

Hat tip: Ken Francis, co-author with Theodore Dalrymple of The Terror of Existence: From Ecclesiastes to Theatre of the Absurd

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"Is this to certain secularist communities in science what an imminent Rapture is to certain evangelical Christian ones?" Do we have to include digs at other Christians with different beliefs than yours here on this science website? Disappointed in that unnecessary jab at the beliefs of some of your brothers and sisters in Christ. Believe what you want, but there is no need to ridicule the beliefs of others who hold a different understanding of eschatology than you. tjguy
OK, I'm confused. But then I'm easily confused. Are they saying that actual "little green men" Martians, with a mailing address of "General Delivery -- Mars", have built spy satellites and parked those satellites/mother ships close to Earth? Gee, I think somebody made a movie about this. See the authoritative documentary "Mars Attacks". (I'm old enough that I owned some of the original trading cards...) vmahuna
Personally, I favor the possibility that the aliens are based in the asteroid belt. Their base ship could either be cloaked or simply disguised to look like a large asteroid, just one of millions out there. Their ships may even be hollowed-out asteroids a bit like the Star Trek episode "For The World Is Hollow And I Have Touched The Sky". It would certainly be cheaper to build that having to haul everything out of a planet's gravity well into space. Seversky

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