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“All it takes to find oneself called a ‘denier’ is to seek a sense of proportion about environmental problems”

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The God Species

So says a reformed enviro-nut who once threw a pie in Bjorn Lomborg’s face.

Were you taught to hate Lomborg? Please stop:

It’s worth remembering that Lomborg started out on mission similar to Lynas’s: as an environmentalist, keen to establish the sensible limits of our interaction with the natural world. Before writing The Skeptical Environmentalist, Lomborg aimed to debunk the works of the economist, Julian Simon, but ended up sympathetic to many of his arguments.

Ben Pile, “Admit it: environmentalism was an ugly experiment” (Spiked)

Now, we hear that reformed ex-pie marksman Mark Lynas

… rebukes the environmentalism that imagines a return to a pristine nature, and that shows contempt for development as an attempt to ‘play god’ over nature. We should ‘play god’, he says, for the planet’s sake as well as our own comfort.

In fact, his new book is called The God Species, because he now seems to think humans are good for something.

About the “denier” accusation: We are sorry for Mark Lynas’ troubles, but movements like the enviro-nuts started that kind of thing. A reformed ‘nut should know best that awaits anyone whose head clears.

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