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[humor] Haldane’s Dilemma: “Do I need a change of wardrobe?”

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JBS Haldane

This is a picture of the famous geneticist JBS Haldane (no kidding). He is notoriously known for “Haldane’s Dilemma” which is a current rage in ID circles.

Atom, I kinda like Haldane's old-school villain look myself, very colorful. :-) Guts, great to see you, I always appreciated your work at telic thoughts. idnet.com.au, thank you for pointing that out. I did not know about that web page. It appears this weblog has 6 times the traffic of ARN. And that is good to know. Salvador scordova
Off the subject but if you check the visitors map for ARN at http://clustrmaps.com/counter/maps.php?url=http://www.arn.org it is evident that no one from Darwin in Northern Territory Australia has visited. Strange. idnet.com.au

He was one the brightest minds in genetics, physiology, statistics and other fields. By the time when Haldane became terminally ill ~ 1963-64, the neutral theory had not been developed as yet. The first papers of Kimura, Crow and others relevant to the problem just started to appear at that time. It' s something that, it seems to me, has been given unnecessary prominence in discussions about evolution.

I think his wardrobe could use an intelligent designer. I kinda like the old school villain look he gots going with the pin-stripes and the moustache. :) Atom

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