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An Ersatz Religion

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In the News post here we discover:

This rule [each side gets its say] presents a challenge when one side of a controversy obviously lacks merit.

The notion that chance and physical law can turn dirt into Chopin in 10^17 seconds obviously lacks merit. What about that?

…treating climate change naysayers as cranks.

But wait a minute. In the 1970s the scientific consensus was that the earth was entering a dangerous cooling period, possibly even a new ice age (caused by human pollution of course, with industrial particulates in the atmosphere reflecting sunlight), and it was even proposed that soot should be strewn on glaciers to help them melt and avoid the impending global-cooling calamity.

Oops. Now the planet is warming too much because of human industrial activity.

I am not aware of any climate change naysayers. Who proposes that the climate does not change? Oops, once again. It used to be global warming, however, since the globe has not warmed in the past 13 years, they changed the phrase to “climate change.”

So, what do Darwinism, global cooling, and global warming activism all have in common?

They are all anti-science manifestations of secular leftist philosophy — indeed, I propose, an ersatz religion. Darwinism is the creation myth of secular materialistic humanism, and it is collapsing under the evidence of contemporary empirical scientific investigation.

So, what about this global warming/cooling/Darwinism thing? It is a religion, plain and simple. It has a Goddess: Mother Earth, Gaia*. She gave us life through random mutation and natural selection, and she must be worshiped. We have sinned against Her with our industry, and we must be punished with global calamity (heat or cold, take your choice), if we do not repent and turn from our wicked ways.

This repentance means giving up modern technology and returning to a primitive pre-industrial lifestyle, in harmony with Gaia and Her other creatures, who are just as valuable as humans are.

Obviously, the average unenlightened person would never agree to such self-deprivation in pursuit of the Goddess’s requirements. Therefore, a Gaia-enlightened elite must be empowered to force the rest of us into compliance.

* I think there was some dude long ago who warned about the dangers of worshiping the creation instead of the Creator, but what did he know?


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