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An oldie from 2015: Human hands are “more primitive” than chimp hands

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Human hands are comparatively anatomically primitive:

The human hand is a marvel of dexterity. It can thread a needle, coax intricate melodies from the keys of a piano, and create lasting works of art with a pen or a paintbrush. Many scientists have assumed that our hands evolved their distinctive proportions over millions of years of recent evolution. But a new study suggests a radically different conclusion: Some aspects of the human hand are actually anatomically primitive—more so even than that of many other apes, including our evolutionary cousin the chimpanzee. The findings have important implications for the origins of human toolmaking, as well as for what the ancestor of both humans and chimps might have looked like.

Michael Balter, “Michael Balter” at Science (July 14, 2015)

When we consider the difference in manual achievement, isn’t that a further argument for human exceptionalism?

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So assuming a Darwinian Most Recent Common Ancestor between humans and either the orang-utan or chimpanzee (it changes periodically), their assertion claims that the hands of great apes (and presumably the rest of their bodies unless hands evolved separately) are actually more evolved than H.sapiens. Seems like someone found an out-of-place fossil. But it doesn't fit the current narrative, so the data was ignored and quietly reburied. But as with other out-of place fossils, Darwinists musta been able to figure out what musta happened, such as in this case: https://www.icr.org/article/out-place-marine-fossil-disrupts-evolutionary/ -Q Querius

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