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An Open Letter to Ard Louis

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Dear Professor Louis:

You have presented the view that from a theological perspective evolution is not objectionable. You explained, for instance, that we ought not to confuse mechanism with meaning. If the creator used evolution as a creation tool, that need not detract from the meaning of the creation. And you thoughtfully defended Leibniz’s arguments that occasional divine intervention demeans God’s craftsmanship and that God doesn’t do miracles to satisfy the wants of nature, but rather those of grace.  Read more

Scott said: "You're assuming no other set of proteins could result in life since every form of life we've observed depends on the same 20 proteins. However, it could be that some other combination of proteins could play the same roles. Or it could be that some other form of life could have arose from some completely different set of proteins. " Yea, and there might be a Flying Spaghetti Monster out there somewhere too. Scott, since that is all we know and can observe, that is the most scientific assumption to make don't you think? Are you going to claim that assuming something different simply to come up with more believable numbers is the most scientific assumption in this case? But that would be faith wouldn't it since there is absolutely NO evidence for what you are claiming. Might as well believe in a Creator! tjguy

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