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Ann Coulter on Jay Leno (sitting next to George Carlin)

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Ann stole the show, she was fantastic! I thought it was a bit hypocritical when Jay Leno chided Ann for being less than civil in her treatment of certain liberals. But, its a valid point, and unfortunate that in our society a book like Ann's will sell significantly more copies than books by folks like Bill D, Phil Johnson, etc.... Her treatment of evolution is pretty good, but she makes some mistakes and exaggerates a bit. I didn't completely follow her logic on micro-evolution. DaveW
This video has been removed due to copyright infringement. bevets
Coulter's point about the Jersey Girls was confirmed for me this week. Someone at work initiated a political conversation in which he attacked the war in Iraq. I made a mild jest about supporting the President, hoping to diffuse the situation. He responded with an emotional first-person account of meeting someone horribly wounded in the war. The conversation ended. This debating technique is what Coulter is attacking. Carefully selected victims are used to silence critics of Liberal public policy perscriptions. To attack the Liberal policy is to attack the victim. You cannot argue with the victim, because you haven't suffered. russ
I didnt get to watch this on tv so, thanks 4 the link. Charlie Charliecrs
Great video. Ann Coulter defends her attack on the Jersey Girls and by laying out her rationale for doing so will make it harder for Democrats to use similar approaches in the future. Ann is actually funnier than Jay Leno. Her most amazing point is that there is no criticism over the claim that liberals are godless. All the criticism is over the language she uses for her criticism of the Jersey Girls. I have read several reviews of the book and even though Darwinism takes up about 25 % of the book it is hardly mentioned in any of the reviews. It is not mentioned here either. jerry

I said this before...I think she's over the top. She certainly is full of herself! I wonder if the larger points in her book will really be heard given her abrasive style.

Godless is going to debut at #1 on the New York Times Best Seller list much to the chagrin of the blue staters. I think it's safe to say the larger points will really be heard. Coulter has an acerbic, sarcastic wit. She expects people to be able to tell what's exagerated for comedic effect and what underlying point remains absent the comedy. Granted, those who are the butt of her jokes probably don't care for her sense of humor and those too dimwitted to know what's comedic effect and what isn't probably don't like it either. The rest of us find her a delightful entertainer and colorful political commentator. -ds DonaldM
Well she was right about one thing. Sexy dress and long blond hair. The roots did look a little dark, though. The debate over the book encompasses both style and content, the first being a little dark; the latter stereotypical. She seemed a little more relaxed than earlier in the week, happily using her ten minutes for book and self promotion. On Hannity and Coombs tonight she said that she enjoyed her time with Jay and George Carlin. She's obviously on a roll, and I'm happy for her. She fields criticism with smiles and humor. Enjoy your fame and riches, my dear, and if I ever meet you at a party I promise not to talk politics. leebowman

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