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Another Darwinian who should surely be Canceled! by the Righteous Woke!

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If they are even dumping on Darwin now, what chance does lesser light George Romanes have?

We hope we don’t get into some kind of trouble for even passing this on without fifty warning stickers. Or… would eighty maybe be enough?:

Popular Science Monthly Volume 31 July 1887 (1887) Mental Differences of Men and Women by George John Romanes

I will now briefly enumerate what appeared to me the leading features of this distinction in the case of mankind, adopting the ordinary classification of mental faculties as those of intellect, emotion, and will.

Seeing that the average brain-weight of women is about five ounces less than that of men, on merely anatomical grounds we should be prepared to expect a marked inferiority of intellectual power in the former.[1] Moreover, as the general physique of women is less robust than that of men—and therefore less able to sustain the fatigue of serious or prolonged brain-action—we should also, on physiological grounds, be prepared to entertain a similar anticipation. In actual fact we find that the inferiority displays itself most conspicuously in a comparative absence of originality, and this more especially in the higher levels of intellectual work. In her powers of acquisition the woman certainly stands nearer to the man than she docs in her powers of creative thought, although even as regards the former there is a marked difference. The difference, however, is one which does not assert itself till the period of adolescence—young girls being, indeed, usually more acquisitive than boys of the same age, as is proved by recent educational experiences both in this country and in America. But as soon as the brain, and with it the organism as a whole, reaches the stage of full development, it becames apparent that there is a greater power of amassing knowledge on the part of the male. Whether we look to the general average or to the intellectual giants of both sexes, we are similarly met with the general fact that a woman’s information is less wide, and deep, and thorough, than that of a man …

Yawn. Move over and make room for Cancel!ed Romanes.

Sure it’s all nonsense but so?

Has anyone noticed what a bore Woke Cancel! culture is becoming? Well, an American comedian has:

Lots of language warnings here but Bill Maher has more or less got Cancel Culture right:

Whatever Cancel Culture demands that we do, let’s all just stop doing it. Soon, they will be looking for really small holes to hide in.

See also: Attack on Darwinism at AAAS’s flagship mag “Science” re racism and sexism Let’s pass over the question of why Cool People never noticed that stuff about Charles Darwin for nearly a century and a half. Noticing now? Good. Then what does Agustín Fuentes suppose should replace Darwinism? A war on science? A war on math? A war on people who think getting right answers is a good thing? What’s supposed to be the next step?

2 Replies to “Another Darwinian who should surely be Canceled! by the Righteous Woke!

  1. 1
    polistra says:

    Inferring brain size and brain capacity from energy consumption and nutrition sounds mighty modern. Wonder why the moderns aren’t drawing THIS conclusion from the same energy and nutrition starting point? It’s a mystery.

  2. 2
    Eugene says:

    > Sure it’s all nonsense…

    Is it though? 🙂

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