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Antibiotic Resistance: Evolution at work?

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Over at PhysOrg they have a story about how certain bacteria, when under stress conditions, shut themselves down and put themselves into a persistent state. They do it by modifying the chemicals involved in t-RNA. No, it’s not a “point mutation”—which is tauted as an icon of Darwinian evolution, but the utilization of an “alternate genetic code.” IOW, it’s regulated and ‘directed,’ and is ready-at-hand when needed.

So, with this new information, the whole story of bacterial resistance now needs to be rethought. And, guess what, instead of pointing to “point mutations” (no pun intended), it points rather to “design.”

Oh, those poor Darwinists/evolutionists. Another day; another bad day for Darwinism.

From the press release:

Dedon suspects that other families of genes, such as those required to respond to starvation or to develop drug resistance, may be regulated in a similar way by other tRNA modifications.

It is really an alternative genetic code, in which any gene family that is required to change a cell phenotype is enriched with specific codons” that correspond to specific modified tRNAs, he says.

The researchers have also seen this phenomenon in other species, including the parasite that causes malaria, and they are now studying it in humans.


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