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Antibiotic Resistance: Scratch Another “Proof” of Evolution (Which Was Never a Proof in the First Place Anyway)

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Remember how you learned in tenth grade that evolution is a fact because bacteria develop resistance to antibiotics, and how evolutionists continue to proclaim this proof? Of course this evidence never explained how the bacteria could turn into a fish, or how the fish could turn into a giraffe. Nor did it explain how the bacteria evolved in the first place. The evidence didn’t even explain how the bacteria were able to respond so quickly to the antibiotics. Well if the whole argument wasn’t silly enough, now new research finds that drug resistance is actually an ancient trait because it was discovered in bacteria from an isolated cave in New Mexico, hundreds of yards underground:  Read more

"Centuries before antibiotics were put into use for human health, genes for antibiotic resistance already existed in viruses found in human coprolites, new research shows."
http://crev.info/2014/02/antibiotic-resistance-genes-found-in-medieval/#sthash.QA0eWUfY.dpuf More evidence confirming the same!
Antibiotic resistance has been used as an illustration of evolution by many defenders of Darwinism. They portray it as an example of the creative power of evolution. Here is survival of the fittest at work right in front of us, they point out. We hit germs with antibiotics, and before we know it, the germs have “evolved” resistance to them. What this study shows, though, is that resistance to antibiotics was already present centuries ago. When harmful bacteria in the gut are decimated by an antibiotic medicine, bacteriophage viruses are there with the genetic information to resist it. No new genetic information is manufactured by evolution. The bacteriophages provide the information to the bacteria, allowing them to proliferate in spite of the presence of antibiotics."

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