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Archeon life form eats fragments of meteorites

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Now that creates some interesting questions, doesn’t it?

The microbe Metallosphaera sedula is known to have a penchant for eating minerals. We’re not talking about garden-variety granite or chalk, though. This particular mineral connoisseur loves to dine on far more exotic rocks – ones that come from space.

The discovery of the bacteria-like archaeon’s preference for meteorites not only invites speculation on how terrestrial life could survive off world, it offers insight into how early biology could have received key nutrients through space rocks that landed on Earth way back when…

While we gaze into the heavens in hope of finding life that isn’t from here, it’s becoming clear that microbes that evolved on Earth might already have beat us into space.

Mike McRae, “Scientists Just Identified an Organism That Thrives on Eating Meteorites” at ScienceAlerts

Well, they might also have come from space too, right?

Paper. (open access)

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3 Replies to “Archeon life form eats fragments of meteorites

  1. 1
    Ed George says:

    I don’t see why this would be a surprise. Aren’t meteorites and earth formed from essentially the same materials?

  2. 2
    ET says:

    Delivery vs home cooking? 😎 Hot out of the atmosphere or recycled?

  3. 3
    polistra says:

    Nice writing in the video…
    “Gave them an energy drink made from powdered meteorite”

    Along with the fadeout of “evolved”, we’re seeing a more lifelike attitude toward simpler life forms. Refreshing.

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