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Are you politically correct? A questionnaire

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Does Princess Fluffy Bunny have your picture pinned to her vanity mirror? Do you have hers?

First, there is help. There may be a 12-steps recovery program (= I admit that I cannot control my need to please Fluffy Bunny, even though she’s wrecking what remains of my life).

Here we are only pointing you to a 40-question inventory that helps you determine whether you need the program. One question to get you started:

28. a) How political candidates view evolution has little to do with their qualifications for public office.

b) Political candidates who question evolution are probably unfit for public office.

If you have to wonder what the Princess thinks before you answer, you don’t need any more questions. Seek help.

Oh wait. Never mind seeking help. Finish the questionnaire and just don’t return Fluffy’s calls. Ever.

Oh wait. Freedom is wasted on some people. 😉

Note: News’ score cannot be posted because she is still trying to dig it out of the hole in the floor.

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Take this test only if you are interested in learning about political correctness and how it is assessed.
Unless I know what the alleged correct answers are I can't learn about PC nor how it is assessed- unless of course it is assessed on someone's whim. Ya see, being one of the best, brightest and beautiful, I am damn sure I scored a 40. :razz: Joe
Are the people in the collage the alleged best, brightest and most beautiful? I strongly disagree that they are such a representation. Who are the people who set the standard and what are the alleged correct answers? Joe
SteRusJon, My fear is that we are run by people with a 15 or less who want a world with mostly 25s and greater for ease of manipulation towards their own end. Joe
I scored 15. For me too, there were questions where I strongly disagreed with both answers. I suppose that's part of the game. gpuccio
Joe, My fear is that we do live in a world run by those that would score greater than 25. If so, is there any hope of recovery short of a "civilization reset"? Stephen SteRusJon
H'mm: I think views on evolution CAN have relevance to performance. Especially, if one hews to inherently amoral, also inescapably irrational and self-referentially incoherent evolutionary materialism . . . and let's not get started on a priori, lab coat clad ideological question-begging in the manner of Lewontin et al. Plato, 2350 years ago, gave clear warning on the dangers posed by such ideologies. With too many cases in point since, especially over the past 100 years. But then, whoever said we were inclined to pay attention to hard bought lessons of history that cut across our inclinations? For sure, not the historians. KF PS: Could not complete because of such choices where I reject both. Filled in just for fun, cratered. kairosfocus
I scored 4 out of 40, although I don't know what "political correctness" has to do with the vast majority of the questions, and I don't know if I've ever taken a quiz where it's so obvious which way the questioner leans. goodusername
I would hate to live in a world run by the people who scored above 25. And a world run by 40s would be doomed. The best and brightest my ass. More like a bunch of ideologues living in a fantasy world. "Hunger Games"- the Capital thought they were the best and brightest, most beautiful, etc. "Game of Thrones" has the Lannisters. I will take an Ayn Rand world over that. Joe
You scored 3 out of 40. 0 to 10 – Full-blown PC Deficit Disorder. William J Murray
#3 and #4, Yep, agreed. Some of the dichotomies were rather contrived; but they stated up front that it was a forced-choice test.
The PCI consists of 40 pairs of statements. For each pair, select the statement with which you more nearly agree. This is a forced-choice test. For some statement pairs, you may not feel comfortable with either choice, but do the best you can. The test is short and will take only a few minutes to complete.
(Original emphasis). I found myself voting against some answers, instead of for their alternatives. Chance Ratcliff
I got 7 out of 40, but there were four questions that I did not want to answer because I found both answers to be ridiculous. Moose Dr
0/40 for me as well. I am just now getting up off the floor. I will say, however, that I had to hold my nose for a few of my selections. SteRusJon
0 / 40. Imagine my surprise. Chance Ratcliff
I got 8 out of 40. Barb

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