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As soon as I read this, I cracked up …


File:A small cup of coffee.JPG It has just got to be a Coffee!! Post at Uncommon Descent. Courtesy New Scientist, we learn:

Semen has controlling power over female genes and behaviour

It’s not clear whether any components of human semen get into the bloodstream, but it could be possible, particularly for small molecules like hormones, says Robertson. She has shown that seminal fluid induces expression of a range of genes in the cervix, including ones that affect the immune system, ovulation, the receptivity of the uterus lining to an embryo, and even the growth of the embryo itself.

Whatever the mechanism, both Chapman and Robertson say it’s plausible that semen could have effects on women well beyond their reproductive tract. More

Zillions of guys worldwide must wish New Scientist were even marginally believable.File:A small cup of coffee.JPG

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True, D. O. ... if women only did what men wanted then they'd both end up in Hell, literally and figuratively. The fact that this doesn't happen is an argument for the intelligent design of marriage. Silver Asiatic
Ah yes, Silver Asiatic at 1, but how do we get from that to women doing what men want? ;) Outside the now-defunct Playboy Club ... News
I don't see it as that far-fetched but more like a built-in design feature similar to the effect of Oxytocin which promotes monogamy in couples. It says something about the design in nature of man-and-woman marriage for the purpose of bringing new life into the world. Life is not reducible to materialism (non self-replicating molecules). Silver Asiatic

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