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Astonishing news: Dogs use gestures to communicate with people


From Phoebe Southworth at the Daily Mail:

Scientists have found ‘strong evidence’ that dogs use gestures to communicate with people in one of the first systematic attempts to decode their language.

Sometimes dogs use a variety of signals in order to get their message across if it is not understood the first time, the study showed.

And different dogs were found to use different signals for the same request.

Amazing. Simply amazing.

It appears that most of the time the object of interest is their food bowl. More.

What’s more, there is anecdotal evidence that some dogs will even bring the food bowl, the water bowl, the leash, or the ball to their human friends, in case anyone forgot the things that really matter in life.

If only they awarded the Nobel for animal cognition studies…

Seriously, naturalist (materialist) science is getting nowhere dealing with things like human consciousness. Three current strategies are to claim or imply that

1) consciousness is an illusion

2) everything is conscious (panpsychism)

3) many animal species really do think like humans, according to breathless reporting on a study (although the same species shows no evidence of human-level intelligence otherwise). A variant on this last one is to point to a commonplace fact about the animal in question and pretend that it is a discovery of previously unknown abilities. File this story as being of possible interest in group 3.

Hat tip: Ken Francis

See also: Animals take turns when communicating? Who would have imagined that? That’s what “communication” *is,* as opposed to display.

Not only that but … pigeons understand probabilities! In short, the pigeon does not do any abstract thinking and therefore works only with remembered outcomes. This is one of those circumstances where greater intelligence can be a handicap.

… And bees understand the concept of zero too!

Does intelligence depend on a specific type of brain?

From Inside Higher Ed: Consciousness studies – “Is This the World’s Most Bizarre Scholarly Meeting?”

A cautious defense of panpsychism (everything is conscious) as an alternative to naturalist despair of the whole field of consciousness


Post-modern science: The illusion of consciousness sees through itself

I performed a 'scientific study' using my cats, and found that they too use gestures and other means to communicate their desires. For example, my tuxedo cat Beauty will sit and blink at me, making chirping sounds, often tilting her head to one side, when she wants attention. If I ignore her, she reaches out and grabs my t-shirt and pulls threads to annoy me into submission. If I continue to ignore her then she'll use my computer chair as a scratching post. She demonstrates that she understands my responses, too, because when I finally get annoyed and yell, "Knock it off!", she runs out of the room, only to return ten minutes later to try again. My ragdoll, Mr. Biggins, lets me know that he wants to play fetch by bringing me his squishy ball, plopping it on the floor near me and saying "meow, meow, meow, meow". If I ignore him, he goes from "meow..." to "MEOW, MEOW, MEOW, MEOW, MEOW". If I continue to ignore him, then shouts AAAAAAAWWWWWWW. My tabby, Perry Brooks Kneeding, also likes to play fetch, only he's not crazy about squishy balls, but he'll bring me the paper-ball I made for him, plop it on the floor, then proceed to rub himself against my legs to get me to participate. If I ignore him, he too, like Mr. Biggins, will make a sound, only, believe it or not, his vocalization sounds more like a dog's bark than a cat's meow. Amazing! Should I have my study published in a peer-reviewed journal? __________________ Darwin made it impossible to be an intellectually fulfilled atheist. Kas
Interestingly enough, I suspect my *cat* uses gestures to communicate with people. Bringing up the stairs a little mouse she caught in the garage this morning being the latest display. She got Mommy to freak out. lol Andrew asauber

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