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At Evolution News: Codes are not products of physics

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Some are still trying to jackhammer meaning out of what they claim is a meaningless universe:

In the Quarterly Reviews of Biophysics, Klump, Völker, and Breslauer attempt to argue that the existing DNA code was naturally selected as the most optimal for energy stability. That natural selection is the intended meaning is clear from their title: “Energy mapping of the genetic code and genomic domains: implications for code evolution and molecular Darwinism.” In other words, they propose that natural selection extended down into prebiotic life, despite the common understanding that accurate replication is a prerequisite for natural selection. In this case, the laws of thermodynamics do the selecting. This is made clear in the title of a news piece from Rutgers University, “Genetic Code Evolution and Darwin’s Evolution Theory Should Consider DNA an ‘Energy Code’ — ‘Survival of the fittest’ phenomenon is only part of the evolution equation.” But how does meaning (semantics) emerge in an “energy code” created by “molecular Darwinism”? Their hypothesis ignores this requirement entirely…

Their argument is akin to the multiverse hypothesis: out of “trillions of possibilities” a universe was naturally selected with conditions permitting complex life — and here we are! In the “molecular Darwinism” story, the laws of thermodynamics “selected” arrangements of DNA building blocks that were stable, and presto! Functional information! That’s why all life forms use it! (Notice the non-sequitur.)

The folks at Rutgers don’t mention information, and they only mention function in an after-the-fact way, intimating that “molecular Darwinism” might enable or favor biological functions.

Evolution News, “Missing the Point: Codes Are Not Products of Physics” at Evolution News and Science Today

If they’re talking about codes but not talking about information, they’re not operating in a real space anyway. But tenured/tenure-seeking Darwinism does that to people.

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    jawa says:

    The TFBS motifs are a non coding code in the DNA

  2. 2
    AaronS1978 says:

    I said it once and I’ll say it again



  3. 3
    mike1962 says:

    SETI is looking for coded information as a sign of intelligence. We have it right here in every cell of every lifeform on earth. At some point ya just have to laugh at the denialists.

    Sidebar question to admin: why is this website so slow? Do you need money to help for a faster server?

  4. 4
    polistra says:

    Selecting for stability, if it happened, wouldn’t end up with complex molecules. The most stable and inert elements, like gold, don’t participate in pre-organic or organic action.

    Life uses highly reactive elements and compounds for a good reason. Life is maximally unstable and explosive chemistry, finely balanced and regulated by differential processes and negative feedback. Life is the EXACT OPPOSITE of energy efficiency.

  5. 5
    ET says:

    DNA just codes for RNA sequences. One of those, mRNA, gets processed after which it codes for an amino acid sequence. But it’s the GENETIC CODE, of which DNA is just the source code, that is not reducible to physics and energy.

  6. 6
    martin_r says:

    Klump, Völker, and Breslauer

    these Darwinians don’t realize, that DNA is a REAL code. NO METAPHOR….

    Perry Marshall and his $10 MILLION price deals with this issue. Perry Marshall perfectly explains why DNA is a REAL REAL REAL REAL code… among other things, when you deal with codes, you need an ENCODER, a DECODER, and the key (ENCODING, DECODING TABLE) how to decrypt the code (before you encrypt it). That is exactly what each cell does. These 3 Darwinians got it all wrong, AGAIN…


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