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At Evolution News: William Dembski Offers an Updated Edition of an Intelligent Design Classic

Photo: William Dembski, via Discovery Institute.

On a new episode of ID the Future, mathematician and philosopher William Dembski talks with host Eric Anderson about a revised and updated edition of Dembski’s pioneering 1998 Cambridge University Press book, The Design Inference. Dembski says he stands by that work and his early contributions to intelligent design theory, but adds that he has learned a lot more in the intervening years, particularly from his work with Robert J. Marks and Winston Ewert at the Evolutionary Informatics Lab. Lessons from that and other research, Dembski explains, will enrich the new edition. What light do these design-detecting methods shed on modern evolutionary theory? To find out, download the podcast or listen to it here.

Evolution News

[William Dembski begins to discuss his updated edition of The Design Inference at about 7 minutes into the podcast.]

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