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At last: Chinese translation of By Design or by Chance?

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My book, By Design or by Chance?, provides an entertaining and informative explanation for lay people of why there is an intelligent design controversy.

Speaking of whys, why did I burn up so much time and career over that? Why do I still? Two reasons:

First, most of what passes for media coverage today is just a reverent rehash of the claims of voluble Darwinists. To say nothing of a warm welcome to Darwin lobbies stumping for economic rent.* In fairness, the dying legacy media are too busy bunkering down and yammering to government for welfare to start asking the critical questions one associates with journalism.

Second, I had noticed, about a decade ago, an inverted news funnel. Intelligent design, as a hypothesis worth researching, was dead every six months. Then, moving up the decade, it was dead every three months. Then it was dead every two weeks, or was it every week? I don’t remember. When Christian promoters of Darwinism got heavily involved, it became blasphemy.

Well, then, there must be something in it. And as a freelancer, I have nothing to lose by finding out.

Here is what I would like to know: Do words like “design” and “chance” have the same meaning in Chinese as they do in English? How about “intelligence”?

*Economic rent is the money lobbies can screw out of the taxpayer – just for being themselves! For example, “We’re Darwinists, fronting all Darwin all the time, and if you rubes and boobs don’t cough up, science will go down the tubes. Besides which we will take you to court and clean you out.” Makes you proud to pay taxes, right?

Zephyr at 6, I think you are on to something. With luck, people who follow Eastern thought traditions will not be stuck in the infinite feedback loop of "(actual) design must be God and therefore it's religion and therefore we can't discuss the evidence that points to design because (actuual) design must be ...." Then there is "You can't infer design without knowing who the designer is." Such a blatant contradiction of everyday experience could only come from someone who also believes in the Big Bazooms theory of human evolution or such like. It is quite possible to see design but not God, if one is raised in a "karma" tradition that assumes that the universe has a meta-order without ascribing it to a Personality. Anyway, one hopes for a sensible discussion at last. O'Leary
congrats Denyse on the Mandarin translation. I'm hoping all the ID and ID friendly books get a Chinese and Japanese translation for that matter. I have mentioned before on uncommondescent that I expect ID to take off in the Orient in a big way this century (for a number of reasons). In fact I predict before long (ie in a few decades) they will be leading the way, just watch. zephyr
Congratulations! RkBall
Good question at 3. I don't know. I have been looking. Would guess on Mandarin language sites,but am handicapped by not knowing the characters. Any leads appreciated. O'Leary
Where is your Chinese version available? idnet.com.au
Those Chinese people have a different word for everything.* *HT Steve Martin Joseph
"When Christian promoters of Darwinism got heavily involved, it became blasphemy." Now that is another way to look at it! traderdrew

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