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At Mind Matters News: Human, mouse, and fly brains all use the same basic mechanisms

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The study of brains in recent decades has yielded a very different picture from the patterns we might have expected:

A new study led by researchers from King’s College London has shown that humans, mice and flies share the same fundamental genetic mechanisms that regulate the formation and function of brain areas involved in attention and movement control. News Centre, “Humans and Flies Employ Very Similar Mechanisms for Brain Development and Function” At King’s College London (August 3, 2020)

We might have expected a gradual increase in size and complexity, corresponding with ability, leading up to the human brain. But we have learned from recent research that lemurs, with brains 1/200 the size of chimps’, pass same IQ test (the Primate Cognition Test Battery). Human intellectual abilities are orders of magnitude greater than that of any other life form, with no proportionate increase in size.

News, “Human, mouse, and fly brains all use the same basic mechanisms” at Mind Matters News

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This shouldn't have been overly surprising. Blue whales have vastly larger brains than humans but have about the same IQ as dogs and cats. Size is just one variable. polistra

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