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At Mind Matters News: Why researchers focus on possible life on Venus

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Chemicals that we shouldn’t find unless they are produced by life forms are sparking interest in exploring Venus from both public and private sources:

And, who knows, it is even possible that the life on Venus would turn out to be organisms that somehow survived an escape from Earth during the early days of all the planets’ formation. As renowned chemist James Tour points out, origin of life is an extremely difficult problem. Once life actually exists, extremophiles are showing that it’s unwise to make rules about how it could continue to exist.

Note: Here is what life on Venus would be like for a human.

News, “Why researchers focus on possible life on Venus” at Mind Matters News (March 19, 2022)

Takehome: Extremophiles — life forms that live under extreme conditions — are showing that survival of life is a much less severe problem than origin of life.

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Is this idea too crazy?: There was life on the early Moon? Not quite as crazy as some might think. The early solar system was very different from the current one. We won’t know for sure unless NASA’s Artemis project finds microfossils on the Moon. But it’s possible that, as with Mars, early life got started but died out.

Colonizing Venus wouldn't be difficult compared to Mars. Mars requires landing, which we have a 50% success rate with. Cloud cities could be set up, thanks to the dense atmosphere. No landing needed. NASA came up with a good plan in 2015. https://www.space.com/29140-venus-airship-cloud-cities-incredible-technology.html BobRyan
Reminds me of a trochophore larva. polistra

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