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At Nature: Dozens of papers co-authored by Nobel laureate raise concerns


Were we just now talking about the finding at Nature that a Nobel laureate’s papers were six times more likely to get accepted?

So while we’re in this neck of the woods anyway, another Nature entry: “Concerns about image integrity have so far led to 17 retractions, corrections or expressions of concern for papers co-authored by geneticist Gregg Semenza.”

Commenters on the website PubPeer — where users scrutinize published research, often anonymously — have questioned images in 52 articles co-authored by Semenza that were published between 2000 and 2021. Since 2011, 17 of these papers have been retracted, corrected or had an expression of concern issued on them. The editorial notices cite the potential alteration, reuse or incorrect labelling of images showing experimental results. Another 15 of the papers are currently under investigation at their respective journals, Nature’s news team has learned.

Across the 32 papers that have so far drawn publisher scrutiny, all list Semenza as an author, but there are many combinations of different co-authors. – Holly Else

Is a pattern becoming apparent? Oh wait. There is no design in Nature, right? So they should quit complaining.

Sev @1: You are surely aware that the Old Testament and the entire Bible have been subjected to repetitive attacks and critical reviews by numerous people over centuries? Some of that was done by people who later became followers, and a lot of the highly publicized attacks have been read by other followers, most of whom then found sufficient answers to the attacks to remain followers. Indeed, Christianity is probably the belief system most attacked (and defended) throughout history, and it stands today in excellent shape as the world view and belief system that best explains reality as most people experience it (at least in my opinion). Fasteddious
“science finally doing what it is supposed to do” SCIENCE does nothing. People being honest, upholding the integrity of their projects, and doing good quality research is what creates good science. People finally going “hey wait a sec” and actually QUESTIONING the integrity of these research papers is what is happening. The optimism and implied notion of “see science will eventually figure itself out there’s no need to doubt science” is exactly why we get trash science that creates misguided world views which last upwards of 30 years Examples: oxytocin research on love, and the Libit paradigm of free will. And Sev stay, on the topic of the OP This isn’t about Christianity, judaism, or the Old Testament. You have questions on its integrity go talk to a Priest and bring your questions up with somebody that cares. AaronS1978
It may have been slow to react but this sounds like science finally doing what it is supposed to do in terms of preserving its integrity. Would that the contents of, say, the Old Testament were subject to the same critical review by its followers. Seversky

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