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At New Discourses: The university as a Woke mission field


A remarkably clear explanation of what we all really know:

I have a Ph.D. in Women’s Studies, but I’m not woke anymore. I write under a pseudonym because, if my colleagues were to find out about my criticisms of this field, I would be unable to find any employment in academia. That someone who critiques the axioms of a field of study feels compelled to write under an assumed name tells you everything you need to know about the authoritarianism underpinning this ideology. I no longer believe that the fundamental ideas of Women’s Studies, and of Critical Social Justice more generally, describe reality; they are at best partial explanations—hyperbolic ideology, not fact-based analysis. I have seen this ideology up close and seen how it consumes and even destroys people, while dehumanizing anyone who dissents.

I’m sad to say it, but I believe that Critical Social Justice ideology—if not beaten in the war of ideas—will destroy the liberal foundation of American society. By liberal I mean principles including, but not limited to, constitutional republican government, equality under the law, due process, a commitment to reason and science, individual liberty, and freedom—of speech, of the press, and of religion.

Samantha Jones, “The University as the Woke Mission Field: A Dissident Women’s Studies Ph.D. Speaks Out” at New Discourses
Seversky Liberalism, like a lot of words, has more than one meaning. It can mean something rooted in liberty, or to liberate. Modern day liberals use the term as defined by the latter. They want to liberate the people from weak governments to create strong(er) governments for what they believe is the betterment of all humanity at the expense of the individual through government force. Every time socialism and communism have been tried, the results have not been the betterment of a society. It creates misery 100% of the time. Central planning was tried under Roosevelt. Crops were destroyed to falsely inflate prices with the belief farmers would make more money, which would enable them to purchase more equipment and hire more people. It resulted in the poor not being able to afford the food they could prior to the prices being inflated. There was an increase in starvation and malnourishment. Many who joined the military, including Audie Murphy, were suffering from malnutrition. BobRyan
Seversky, current liberalism is but little related to classical liberalism, which is a key part of the thought behind the US founding. KF kairosfocus
I’m sad to say it, but I believe that Critical Social Justice ideology—if not beaten in the war of ideas—will destroy the liberal foundation of American society.
I don't understand. I thought "liberal" here is a Bad Thing so anything which undermines it must be a Good Thing? Seversky
News, See the key, telling term:
Critical Social Justice more generally
In short, marxism through the reformulations of the Frankfurt School. Inherently totalitarian, creating a lawless ideological oligarchy. This woman, who evidently believed in the glittering generalities about liberation and empowerment from oppressive white male patriarchy capitalism racism etc, is trapped in Babylon. KF PS: W e are beginning to look at the sort of oppressive system that unless one takes a certain mark of approved loyalty to the demonic system, s/he can neither buy nor sell. Which is precisely where the politically correct lockouts in social media, banking etc are headed. I again point to the definition that justice is due balance of rights, freedoms and duties. FREEDOMS is in there for a reason. kairosfocus
No offence, Polistra, but there is generally no employment for Women’s Studies, or physicists, or Astronomers except working for the government. Look at the yellow pages - no ads inviting you to take your physics problems or women’s studies problem to AAAphysics.pty. Ltd or whatever. My dad didn’t walk away from the Labor Party when it had communists in the leadership 70 years ago, and members were splitting to form the Democratic Labor Party. I asked him why he didn’t join the breakaway. He replied he and a few others will be trying to change it from the inside. I would give Samantha the benefit of believing that she choose the least destructive path to herself. Belfast
Not very convincing. If she has really turned against the field, she would have departed from academia. What's the point of continuing to work inside the system if you have to adhere completely to the ideology you no longer believe? "Working in the system" never works, and the witch hunters will NOT be fooled. Sprenger and Kremer can detect the tiniest subatomic particle of heresy. The last paragraph, including verbatim quotes from the Constitution, sounds like the verbal habits of conservative think-tank types. People who grew up in Women's Studies don't write that way. polistra

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