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At one time, academic ideologues were just bores. Then they discovered politics…


At Quillette, one academic spoke out:

Nearly a quarter of the approximately 200 email responses I got included a description of some personally observed or experienced instance of cancel culture, or of the intrusion of politics into scientific pedagogy. But with few exceptions, these writers said they were scared of being seen as opposing this movement. “The situation in STEM is certainly Orwellian,” wrote one writer, whom I am quoting on condition of anonymity. “I am frequently scared of expressing the Wrong viewpoint, resulting in self-censorship. Worse, at times I feel pressured to give a statement (a social performance) [indicating] that I am aligned with the Correct viewpoint.”

Another correspondent wrote: “I came [across] your viewpoint … as I was scrolling through Twitter over the weekend. Unsurprisingly, a Twitter mob … came together to demand the retraction of this essay from the JPCL. I am appalled with this behavior … Ideas like this should be rigorously and thoroughly discussed and debated, instead of just shutting [them] down. I am a gay person of colour, supposedly belonging to that same group of people that [the mob seeks] to protect. However, I do not think I am protected, nor am I ‘safe.’ And often because of this, I remain quiet in these social-media platforms, fearing that my future career in science will be in peril.”

Anna Krylov and Jay Tanzman, “Corrupting STEM. The Silent Liberal Majority Must Fight Back” at Quillette (December 18, 2021)

Sadly, that “gay person of colour” who kept silent has largely built his/her OWN prison. It wasn’t the howling stupids who did that.

Look, please. Freedom costs. If you can’t speak up, you can’t be free. That’s why we commemorate Remembrance Day. Those people actually died, by the way.

But does anyone really believe that the “silent liberal majority” will ever really fight back? As opposed to morphing into Bores-for-Life by sacrificing everyone and everything that the new fascists want? So far not looking good.

Hannah Arendt gave a great quote: "...experience has shown that nobody can be so easily bribed and frightened into submission to nonsense as scholars, writers and artists." The Origins of Totalitarianism, p. 494. EDTA
I agree there should be a more robust response to woke overreach. Unfortunately, that would require university administrations to actually stand up and defend the principles of free thought and free expression, principles which seem to be foreign to some students apparently. Seversky
This is just academia. In the early 50s, the government required Loyalty Oaths swearing that you had never associated with any Commies. You couldn't get a job unless you signed the oath. Then later the phase switched, and anyone who had ever demanded Loyalty Oaths was out of a job. Sooner or later the present Loyalty Oath will also switch. It may be starting to flip now; sort of hard to tell in the early stages. polistra

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