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At YouTube: William Dembski: Gauging the Success of Intelligent Design


Mathematician and philosopher William A. Dembski explains the theory of intelligent design and examines its successes and challenges over the past decades. This talk was originally offered as part of the 2021 Dallas Conference on Science and Faith sponsored by Discovery Institute. 30 min (November 16, 2021)

ID is not a theory. It’s too general for that. It’s almost like saying logic is a theory. It’s a set of very general conclusions from data that indicate somewhere in a few but extremely important processes there had to be an intelligence’s input. Maybe Dembski and people who adhere to this idea that ID is a theory are the problem. They focused on mathematical analysis as the secret for ID. Should ID take a new tack? Aside: Dembski once had me banished from UD because I questioned his ineptness in answering students at a university presentation he made. He was so anti-Darwin that he came off looking like a fool. DaveScot got me reinstated. Aside2: Darwin discovered extremely important process in biology. He should be recognized for this. It’s just they have nothing to do with the Evolution debate. Dembski did not understand this. Aside3: the DNA model of change in species has nothing to do with the Evolution debate. Any discussions of DNA just perpetuates a false narrative and are counterproductive for ID. But it’s hard to give up one’s favorite toys. jerry
Basically he says that in terms of building and demonstrating its case, ID has been successful, but in terms of gaining support and wider acceptance, it has not yet succeeded. Fasteddious

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