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Atheists as an official opposition party?


In a recent debate on the existence of God in Kamloops, British Columbia (Canada), a proponent of atheism (DiCario) likened his position to the official opposition party in a parliament:

“Atheism is basically the opposition party. You make the claims; we can demonstrate why your claims are not to be accepted. We don’t necessarily have to prove our point,” said DiCario.

– Jason Hewlett, “God debate tackled with logic, science and old-fashioned belief,” (The Daily News, May 18, 2012)

Well then, he has set the bar to his advantage because

Chamberlain (pro) said the universe is proof enough that God exists, adding there’s no way gravity could have developed in such a way to allow life without the guidance of a sentient, all-powerful being’s hand.

“If left to chance, the universe would be life prohibitive,” he said.

DiCario (con) disagreed. He said science has found evidence of multiple universes, suggesting that several might exist side by side or fate tried several times to get it right.

The fact is, there is considerable evidence for fine tuning in our universe and no evidence for the existence of DiCario’s multiple universes that are supposed to explain it.

His position amounts to saying that speculation can be given equal weight to fact; not an uncommon view in multiverse cosmology. But DiCario is surprisingly stingy. Many respected cosmologists hold that there is an arbitrarily large number of universes, perhaps an infinite number, so why settle for several that “might exist side by side”?

Note: In Canada, the official opposition party is referred to as Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition, meaning that they are loyal to the constitution, the laws, and the traditions of Parliament. Mere opposition can be a riot or an assassination plot; what’s wanted is responsible opposition.

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