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Atheists vs. atheists

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Well, it’s official. John Loftus has now departed from Freethoughtblogs, which is now run by P. Z. Myers, but has several atheist contributors.

“Why?” you ask. Good question. Well, I’ve decided to let the protagonists speak for themselves.

(1) P Z Myers at Freethought Blogs
John Loftus has left the building

(2) Natalie Reed, a new contributor to Freethoughtblogs whose critical thinking skills were apparently criticized by Loftus
Target Audiences And Playing Nice (see also following comments)
Thoughts From A Diversity Hire

(3) Daniel Fincke, another contributor and a philosopher
On the Qualifications of our Alleged “Diversity Hire”, Natalie Reed
Not every blog is for everybody

3(a) Comments on Daniel Fincke’s blog by John Loftus and by other viewers criticizing him (gets a little heated here, but eventually simmers down)
John Loftus and other commenters
Grungor and other commenters

(4) Richard Carrier, author and contributor to Freethoughtblogs
Let’s Read Natalie Reed

(5) Chris Hallquist, a new contributor to Freethoughtblogs
Open letter to John W. Loftus

(6) Ed Brayton (co-founder of Freethoughtblogs with P.Z. Myers)
Welcome John Loftus
Comment by Ed Brayton

(7) John Loftus
Answering Some of My Critics
Why Must People Always Personally Attack Apostates?
I Do Not Like Arguing With Atheists
Ed Brayton, the Founder of Freethought Blogs, Comments

Loftus Unleashed
Why This Blog?
News Flash: Loftus is Now In a Mental Facility

An interesting quote from John Loftus:

“…[T]hat was one of the major reasons I left Freethought Blogs. There were just too many atheists and not enough Christians. I found myself arguing with the atheist commenters, some of whom showed no better critical thinking skills then the ignorant believers I have encountered here time and again. Atheists do not, on the whole, have much better critical thinking skills than the general populace. We don’t see it until there is a disagreement, for until then it looks like we agree because we are good thinkers.”

Here’s another very interesting post by Loftus, in defense of William Lane Craig (yes, you read that right):

In Defense of William Lane Craig

“Bill Craig is a good man, a good philosopher, an honest man, and my friend, even though I think he is delusionally dead wrong.”

I have to say that it was decent of Loftus to say that, given that Professor Craig has so far refused to debate him.

More infighting among atheists:

Atheist Nexus on P Z Myers
PZ Myers Supports Ableism?


NO uncivil comments, please, and no schadenfreude. Instead, I’d welcome thoughts from readers on how to promote courtesy and politely deflect baiters and other contentious people, without generating rancor in the process.

Hi Barb, I completely agree. Critical thinking skills are invaluable, and the earlier they are taught the better. Another thing that people need to be more aware of is their own cognitive biases - a subject about which much research has been done in the past few decades. Readers may go here for a brief summary: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_cognitive_biases vjtorley
Semi OT:
What is a Typical Youtube Atheist Like? (in 40 seconds) - William Lane Craig - video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1uZ_LRYZrSg William Lane Craig and the Meaning of Ad Hominem Attacks - William Lane Craig - video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zrVGuUsL2PM
OT: Dr. Torley, you may appreciate this:
Dr. Michael Denton on Predetermined Body Plans and Primal Patterns in Nature - podcast http://intelligentdesign.podomatic.com/entry/2012-02-21T15_47_39-08_00
You promote courtesy by enforcing rules of courtesy. William J Murray
I posted this before on another thread here, but I'll repost it again: critical thinking skills should be taught in class at the high school level. And Loftus' complaint confuses me. There weren't enough Christians at FreeThought blogs? As a Christian, I'd avoid places like that because I wouldn't see the purpose in arguing with atheists all day long when I could be doing something more productive. Barb

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