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Baby Steps to Science


I am a big fan of amateur involvement in science. As such, I am starting a new series called “Baby Steps to Science,” published at Classical Conversations. The goal is to provide simple things that people can do to get their feet wet in scientific thought. The first article in the series, Counting, is up now.

I have a few installments in this series written, and a general overview outlined, but I would also like feedback from the community – what should be included in the baby steps? I would also like to hear from our non-ID friends. This is surely an area where we can have some agreement rather than contention. What do you all think should be included in scientific baby steps?

I stumbled upon theses sites recently: http://rense.com/general70/microwaved.htm http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bBBi5uNN0X8 I think this would make a great do-at-home science experiment. EndoplasmicMessenger
Nice website. Great way to help people understand the basics of science without being intimidated by it. Kudos! Blue_Savannah

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