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Ben Stein on Glenn Beck

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Silly silly men.

[...] Uncommon Descent | Ben Stein on Glenn BeckNov 16, 2009 … I guess if Beck had aired that show after this article, one could claim that it was a defensive move in response to Sam Stein’s writing. … [...] Becks stein | Swineflustoppe
Ben Stein's Expelled movie will likely be a hit, and in any case it will generate a lot of controversy and publicity for the ID. dacook, you can watch the teaser here: http://ca.youtube.com/watch?v=YxGyMn_-J3c&feature=related and there is more info on the www.expelledthemovie.com such as this Fox Bill O'Reilly intervew with Ben Stein. http://www.expelledthemovie.com/video.php Re: "Aren’t scientists expected to review the data behind any conclusions they challenge?" Stein may decide to submit the movie for a preview, or he may not, if he doesn't wish the "secular pinheads" (O'Reilly's words) to starts squawking now about their misconstrued notion of the separation of church & state. In any case, it seems Expelled is not so much about science itself as it is about academic freedom to do research, freedom of speech in the academia and in general, and about the freedom of parents to educate and indoctrinate their kids any way they wish. (As long as it is not against decency and against the laws of the country.) As Stein says in the interview, it's about the First Amendment - freedom of speech in general and in the academia. Certainly looking forward to seeing the Expelled. rockyr
The slip caption at about 2:47 states:
"Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed," A film about Intelligent Design to be released Feb. 2008
Then at 2:31 we have:
Stein's film has been criticized by some biologists and anthropologists.
Aren't movie critics expected to see a movie before reviewing it? Aren't scientists expected to review the data behind any conclusions they challenge? Is Ben Stein giving advance copies of his movie out to biologists and anthropologists? dacook

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