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Bill Dembski asks us to acknowledge the work of academic freedom fighters, ACTA


That is, American Council of Trustees and Alumni, celebrating their 25-year history:

Never more needed, if you ask some of us. Something like that in every country.

The rot has invaded publishing big time. Just one example:

Crybullies in publishing attack Jordan Peterson but not Mein Kampf. This would be off topic except that we may anticipate similar scenes played out in the future around books with any theme that Cancel Culture deems ID-friendly (or whatever their beech is). As it happens, Penguin’s UK branch publishes Hitler’s Mein Kampf but that’s okay with the Woke because shut up.

"Special about America: a guarantee that there will be freedom of religion and speech". Nonsense. The government has always persecuted heretics when it wants to. When the government wants to destroy and kill, no document can slow it down. As we're seeing now. Documents have no power. polistra

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