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Bill Maher’s “Religulous” documentary a flop?


Bill Maher’s “Religulous” documentary mocking religion in the United States opening weekend box office revenues were 10% higher than “Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed”. Our atheist Darwinian friends proclaimed that Expelled was a flop. By that standard so is Religulous.

Correction: That should read our atheist and theistic Darwinian friends… the common denominator is being in the tank for Darwin. Mibad.

A review of religulous can be found here: http://www.tektonics.org/religuguff.html MaxAug
I have little desire to see this, but my guess is it has the usual jabs at religion. Am I wrong? Berceuse
Gildogen, Silly atheists, intelligence is for God. lol You make a very good point! Domoman
When Expelled played in one theatre in my city the theatre wasn't even provided a poster. Some budget. Notice another mitigating factor in the box office. Nobody sued Religulous. People who would disagree with it paid to see it in equal numbers to those who agreed - as noted by its Mojo rating. Those who disagreed with Expelled, on the other hand, stayed away, attempted to keep it out of theatres, and snuck in after buying tickets to other movies - thus, robbing the makers of income and numbers. Charlie
Gil, I've written before that a materialist would more likely believe that an elephant could fly than in a horse with wings. At least, they've seen an elephant. The idea that it's easier to believe that matter has properties that we've never seen it to have than to accept something they've never seen. It can be all done with emergent properties. jjcassidy
Hey, atheist materialists believe that inanimate matter spontaneously generated complex information-processing machinery, as well as the human mind and consciousness, so I guess we all believe in miracles of one sort or another. Who is Maher to mock belief in God and miracles? At least in one case there is empirical evidence for design; in the other case there is no evidence whatsoever that the proposed mechanisms can accomplish that which is attributed to them. GilDodgen
I'm sure opening in a ton of theaters would have lowered that average. Based on what I know about audiences that would want to go see Maher, they are probably clustered in urban areas. geoffrobinson
Robert Oh give me a break. Maher has been advertising Religulous for months on the most popular cable TV talk show in history and he didn't pay a dime for the advertising. Interestingly, he didn't mention it at all this Friday. I wonder why? DaveScot
I agree, looks like the openings were about even-except Religulous opened on half as many theaters, and lacked a massive marketing campaign and ticket giveaway aimed at Churches. RobertC

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