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Bill Nye Is A Huckster

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Bill Nye fashions himself a voice of rational thought and scientific inquiry. His shtick has gotten him into classrooms and on an endless loop of evangelizing TV appearances. Yet nearly every time he speaks these days, Nye diminishes genuine science by resorting to scaremonger-y nuggets of easily dismissible ideologically-motivated nonsense.

I always thought that Nye had a good science show for kids but I don't know how his credibility extends to serious scientific issues. inquisitor
@barry arrington My feeling about it is, only the opinion of people who understand about how an opinion is formed is meaningful to me. I think, if you understood that opinion is a creationist concept, then you wouldn't consider things the way you do. mohammadnursyamsu
They (Darwinists) are not just hucksters, they are hucksters with a strong eugenics streak hell-bent on doing their own version of separating the wheat from the chaff. Evolutionnews.org has a new post up today revealing this point. Here are a couple quotes from the article: "I find troubling Singer's barometer of human worth -- tied to self-awareness -- leading as it does to dangerous nonsense such as valuing a dog over an infant." More, "Richard rightly pressed Singer on what exactly he meant by getting value and worth by helping to create a "better" world in a purposeless universe. Singer didn't really have an answer for this except to say that while the universe may be purposeless, people are not. They have their own purposes. But if that is our measure, then exactly whose "purposes" do we value? In a universe that only gains value by people's own purposes, how do we justifiably privilege one person's "purpose" over another's?" Here's the link to the full article: http://www.evolutionnews.org/2016/05/in_debating_wei102841.html Truth Will Set You Free
Moh @ 8:
tribes living in the jungle, only complain about that their forest is being destroyed.
You apparently have not spent any time with tribes in the bush. If you had (and I have) you would know your statement is blithering to the point of idiocy. Embarrassing really. Barry Arrington
Expedient morality is always conservative. And the increase in pollution is an act, and one always has to know in advance what the consequences of an act are. Leftists actually advocated for everybody to have a car and a refrigerator in the 60's in the Netherlands. I don't see an urgent need to industrialize every nation on earth to the level of the Western world, for everybody to have equal living standards. All that stuff is mostly nonsense anyway when you see that tribes living in the jungle, only complain about that their forest is being destroyed, and aren't requesting to live in a city. And taking moral risks can and should destroy happiness. Happiness was the point. mohammadnursyamsu
What if bill Nye is the best they got? I think as the Saxons said about the Britons after the romans pulled out WE CAN TAKE RTHEM. They are useless. Robert Byers
. . . how farfetched is it for the earth temperature to raise by a 100 degrees or something, on account of putting tons and tons of garbage waste in the atmosphere?
Yes, it is quite farfetched. But setting that aside, there is a more important issue with your statement: What garbage waste are you referring to? Are you talking about that beneficial trace gas that is absolutely essential to life on earth? Eric Anderson
mohammadnursyamsu, We aren't talking about taking a few extra hours in the woods to search for someone who is likely dead. We are talking about tremendous upheaval and disruption of global economies and well-being for billions of people, many of whom are already on the razor's edge of life. It makes no sense to try to solve a problem that might not exist using solutions that might not work when we know the solutions will cause chaos, starvation and terrible hardship for much of the world. In fact, I would go as far to say that proponents for "fixing" global warming are the TRUE criminals, and they should be severely punished when their solutions cost the lives of people. To me, there is no moral difference between a common street thug who robs and kills a pedestrian than the high and exalted leftist who pickets against global warming. OldArmy94
"If you consider that the sun is millions of degrees hot..." Maybe you'd consider that the hot sun makes it warmer. Andrew asauber
Bill Nye is just the obvious huckster. Start peeling the onion and you'll find its huckster all the way down. Andrew asauber
If you consider that the sun is millions of degrees hot, then how farfetched is it for the earth temperature to raise by a 100 degrees or something, on account of putting tons and tons of garbage waste in the atmosphere? In the universe millions of degrees are possible, 100 degrees is nothing much in nature. It is common sense to error on the side of caution. We error on the side of what we value all the time. We error on the side of what we value when we go looking for people lost in the wilderness after weeks, when the chances point to that they are dead already. The value of life says, prove that this new chemical you put into food does not harm people before you sell it, it says prove that putting tons of garbage in the atmosphere is not raising the climate. That is how opinion of what we value, messes with what we must guess the empirical facts to be. mohammadnursyamsu
Apparently, Lenski is a Huckster too:
Richard Lenski and Citrate Hype -- Now Deflated - Michael Behe - May 12, 2016 Excerpt: ,,, for more than 25 years Lenski's lab has continuously grown a dozen lines of the bacterium E. coli in small culture flasks, letting them replicate for six or seven generations per day and then transferring a portion to fresh flasks for another round of growth. The carefully monitored cells have now gone through more than 60,000 generations, which is equivalent to over a million years for a large animal such as humans.,,, In 2008 Lenski's group reported that after more than 15 years and 30,000 generations of growth one of the E. coli cell lines suddenly developed the ability to consume citrate,,, the authors argued it might be pretty important.,,, They also remarked that,,, perhaps the mutation marked the beginning of the evolution of a brand new species.,, One scientist who thought the results were seriously overblown was Scott Minnich, professor of microbiology at the University of Idaho ,,, So Minnich's lab re-did the work under conditions he thought would be more effective. The bottom line is that they were able to repeatedly isolate the same mutants Lenski's lab did as easily as falling off a log -- within weeks, not decades.,,, Richard Lenski was not pleased.,,, In a disgraceful move, Lenski impugned Scott Minnich's character. Since he's a "fellow of the Discovery Institute" sympathetic with intelligent design,,, (Regardless of the ad hominem) With regard to citrate evolution, the Minnich lab's results have revealed E. coli to be a one-trick pony.,,, The take-home lesson is that,,, (Lenski's overinflated) hype surrounding the (implications of the citrate adaptation) has seriously misled the public and the scientific community. It's far past time that a pin was stuck in its (Lenski's citrate) balloon. http://www.evolutionnews.org/2016/05/richard_lenski102839.html

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