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Biologos and Science: The Case of the OOL


Evolutionists claim their theory is a fact and one way they support this claim is by construing the relationship between religion and science according to what is known as the Warfare Thesis, a mythological retelling of history where scientific skepticism is marginalized as anti intellectual. But the Warfare Thesis is more than merely a perversion of history. When Biologos appeals to the Galileo Affair, for example, to support its evolutionary beliefs it is propagating a false history, but the misrepresentations do not stop there. The Warfare Thesis also relies on a false witness of science.  Read more

After encountering the many fallacious, embarrassingly sophomoric statements in The Language of God, I've never bothered to care about BioLogos. And I'm not even a Bible/Genesis thumper. mike1962
i watch a lot of youtube videos on science. They rant about science fighting/defeating the church on truth. Yet the point was it was a catholic church and it was in for a protestant correction in conclusions on many things. The church , in fact, was trying to be smart and enforcing old pagan greeks on ideas about the earth. They really were the biologos crowd and Anglican church/darwins time analogy. perhaps a few verses about the sun not moving. yet these were vague verses and not a problem for biblical accuracy. The bad guys try to say science disproves the bible. So the bible folk don't like science. WRONG> Its inaccurate conclusions from people that deny the bible. Not science. Creationists bring accuracy to conclusions to confirm the bible. Creationism fight human incompetence and error in origin matters. Science is the friend of truth and so our friend. THEY are at war with the bible/God/Christianity/true faith. Sure they are. Robert Byers

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