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Biology-based psychiatry? Is it just a cover for materialism in medicine?


Sometimes sounds that way. Gonna be ugly.

Medicine is hard to materialize because one is always dealing with people, not particles.

The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual has rightly been criticized for its made-up categories, but in fairness, the human mind is more complex than the ocean. And it may be hard to characterize exactly what is wrong, just as it may be hard to determine where a school of fish will go next.

However, in some versions, like this one, the solution is just more materialism:

Dr Greenberg and other critics are demanding a re-emphasis in psychiatry in favour of a more biologically-based assessment procedure, having long accused the authors of the DSM of failing to appreciate developments in neuroscience and medical technology.

The important thing to see here is that what will be de-emphasized is listening to the patient. So if you are a patient, this is what it will sound like:

‘All of the [current] diagnoses are done according to presenting symptoms, but we increasingly know a lot about genetics and neural circuits and we know that the symptoms don’t map very well onto those genetics and neural circuits,’ says Professor Bruce Cuthbert, the director of the NIMH’s Division of Adult Translational Research and Treatment Development. ‘So we are finding that for research purposes, the DSM is not serving us very well,’

‘As some people have said, the brain has not read the text. So we really need to try to find alternative ways of conducting research to take advantage of the explosion of knowledge that we’re getting about how the brain works.’

It’s cheaper. And if it is less effective, your brain will not know, whatever you may think about what happens to you.

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"Medicine is hard to materialize because one is always dealing with people, not particles." Not that particles are any more material than persons. Mung
I don't believe it, necessarily, as a French girl staying with us was painfully psychologically troubled, but was found by a hospital psychiatrist to be suffering a hormonal imbalance which could be readily cured, and was. So, it's nice to know it need not all be quackery. On the other hand, it would have been easier to debunk its fundamental premise without such exceptions! Axel
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