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Bob O’H Sets Us All Straight (Thank You Bob)


Elizabeth Warren: I am a Cherokee Indian.

Trump: Liar. I bet you $1 million you are not an Indian.

Warren: Here is a DNA report that “strongly indicates” that I am between 1/1024 and 1/64 Mexican, Colombian, or Peruvian. I win the bet. Pay up.

Trump: Wait, what?

Main Stream Media: Yep, she won. Pay up you Welcher

Bob O’H: She never claimed to be an Indian. And when she did claim to be an Indian it did not benefit her, so we shouldn’t care that she is a liar. Even though she is not a liar, because even though she is a blonde, blue-eyed white person, you can’t prove she absolutely did not know she was not an Indian. And besides all that we should ignore her small and insignificant lies (which are not really lies) and focus on how great her policy proposals are. And besides all that, Barry is a liar because she did not claim to be an Indian in the video he linked. And besides all that, the report that strongly indicates that she is between 1/1024 and 1/64 Mexican, Colombian, or Peruvian backs up her claim to be a Cherokee Indian. And the twitter thread that is nothing but direct quotes from Warren claiming to be an Indian is a hyper-partisan irrational attack on her. Finally, give her a break. When she lied about being a Cherokee Indian she was only exaggerating.

Thanks to Old Andrew for pointing out, indirectly, that the OP is a dishonest, inaccurate portrayal of whatever Bob has said. FWIW, I've paid zero attention to the threads on this subject. However the technique of paraphrasing someone's comments in such a distorted fashion is is really not acceptable, in my opinion. My 2 cents. jdk
I'm perplexed. The post is about what Bob says, except that it doesn't quote anything he said. Why not quote what he said? Then Bob quotes what he said. He appears to recognize that Warren's claim is absurd. He points out the direct contradiction between the claim and the DNA results. He seems to shrug it off a little bit as being the sort of exaggerated claim that politicians make. Forget the bizarre outrage over his lack of condemnation. Why does it motivate a distorted caricature of what he said? Why not use his own words? As I said before, I'm not political. I don't think very much of any of them. So I'm not motivated to point this out because I think more of Warren, less of Trump, or vice versa. I also don't get the sudden outrage over politicians lying. (It clearly has to do with which side of the aisle it comes from.) They all lie about pretty much everything. Their public images are manufactured. The system appears engineered to weed out or compromise anyone with a conscience. Warren's exaggeration or lie is reprehensible, but it's one lie in a filthy cesspool of lies, corruption, and death for profit. I feel sorry for anyone who thinks that one side is covered head-to-toe in it and the other isn't. OldAndrew
Barry @ 10 - Elizabeth Warren is in no way my hero (political or otherwise). I don't know enough about her, but what little I know suggests that she's not the sort of politician I'd admire greatly. I prefer pragmatists,who are more likely to get things done. Bob O'H
16:25 minute mark of the following video. Warren's lie actually damages the racial and identity politics of the left
The Story with Martha MacCallum 10/17/18 FULL SCREEN - Fox Breaking News October 17, 2018 https://youtu.be/I_SmTw-nOcc?t=985
Thanks Bob! Always a pleasure to hear from you. Mung
A 2014 study by Harvard University and 23andMe found that European Americans tested overall for 0.18 percent Native American ancestry ... Silver Asiatic
Hm, a remarkable lack of substance there
Bob O'H its like you are impervious to the obvious. That's not a very good way to go through life. Andrew asauber
No one should be surprised by Bob's responses to this post. He is, after all, falling his hero Elizabeth Warren's playbook. When you get caught in a lie, double down. Barry Arrington
Hm, a remarkable lack of substance there, I'm afraid. But you do do an OK job of providing snark. Bob O'H
Can you add some substance to your drive-by snark?
I can, Bob O'H. You seem to be missing a rather large Bigger Picture, while wasting comments on defending? the behavior of this particular two-bit politician? I don't get it. Don't you have better things to do? Andrew asauber
Thank you for that assessment, Andrew. Can you add some substance to your drive-by snark? Bob O'H
Bob O'H, In the interest of Keeping It Real, you look really silly right about now. Andrew asauber
vmahuna @ 1 -
She landed her job in part (LARGE part?) because her college could claim her as part of their “minority” program.
Can you show us the evidence for this? She's wheeled out people to say that her ethnic status wasn't an issue. Of course, she's a politician, so she'll use voices to back up her case, so it would be good to hear the other side's evidence too. Bob O'H
Speaking of liars, where did I write "She [Warren] never claimed to be an Indian."? Here's what I have written: @12 -
What she actually says is that her mother’s side of the family was “part native American”. I didn’t hear her say she is part of a racial minority, and she explicitly says she’s “not enrolled in a tribe, and only tribes determine tribal citizenship”, so what racial minority is she claiming to be?
@20 -
If she believed herself to have some native American ancestry then she wouldn’t have been lying even if the DNA results had shown she had no native American DNA.
@33 -
BTW, the first link is amusing – the new test backs up what they claim Warren says: she has an ancestor who is Native American (whether the ancestor is Cherokee they don’t say).
@62 -
FWIW, I have never claimed that Warren hasn’t claimed to be Native American, I’ve been asking for the evidence for it. What’s clear, and consistent, is that her family’s lore is that her immediate ancestors were part Native American, and she has used this information to claim some Native American heritage. I wouldn’t dispute that she has exaggerated the importance of this ancestry, but she wouldn’t be the first politician to exaggerate in order to help their career.
Bob O'H
Wow, so much attempted self-refuting deception by Bob. You would think Bob (and weave) was discussing Darwinism instead of just a dishonest politician. :) bornagain77
The idea of races is an outdated holdover from Darwinism. EricMH
"And when she did claim to be an Indian it did not benefit her" She landed her job in part (LARGE part?) because her college could claim her as part of their "minority" program. She was then regularly lauded as a Person of Color Some decades ago, the US Government agreed that Cajuns (i.e., purebred descendants of FRENCH immigrants from Canada) were a "(non-White, non-European) minority" people. The governor at the time remarked that if the Feds would now just admit that the IRISH were a non-White, non-European minority, the ENTIRE STATE of Louisiana would be Minority, which would greatly simplify the bookkeeping. vmahuna

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