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“But guys, the classical atheist is typically a smart person who … The new atheists, on the other hand … “


Salvo 17 Summer 2011 Here’s my Salvo “Deprogram” column, on atheists who are not Darwinists:

To hear it from the New Atheists, Darwinism is the atheist’s creation story, the Genesis from which no Exodus follows. As Richard Dawkins is often quoted as saying, Darwinism enables an atheist to be intellectually fulfilled. If so, there are a number of atheist and agnostic thinkers out there who are intellectually deprived. Or are they?[ … ]

Other atheists get off the train to nowhere at the origin of life or the origin of the human mind. In his famous essay, “What Is It Like to Be a Bat?”, Thomas Nagel provides a sensitive account of the limits of human understanding of animals’ minds.5 Less well known is the fact that he named Steven Meyer’s ID-friendly Signature in the Cell (Harper One) a Book of the Year for 20096 and that he questions whether human intellect is explicable on Darwinian principles.7 Yet this is a man who also says, “I don’t want there to be a God; I don’t want the universe to be like that.”8

– “Neither God Nor Darwin? Atheists & Agnostics Who Dare to Doubt,” (Salvo 17, Summer 2011)

I offer a suggestion about what an atheist or agnostic needs to make it work.

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P.S.: What are we to make of the BioLogos (Christian Darwinist) claim that unless Christians repent and believe Darwin, they will have no impact on the world. When increasing numbers of smart atheists, along with smart theists, doubt Darwin, it amounts to becoming stupid to win over the stupid – which can’t be what Paul the Apostle meant by becoming “all things to all men.”

There are quite a few secular thinkers that have attacked darwinism. Another one that comes to mind is jerry fodor who wrote the book 'what darwin got wrong'. above
The late Australian philosopher, David Stove, whom I understand to have been an atheist, also had nothing but scorn for the intellectual pretentions of Darwinism. Ilion
Well said Denyse. I hope some will listen! idnet.com.au

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