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But the multiverse makes good literature, a reader writes to protest

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Point taken. Not in dispute. 😉

Indeed, the reader points to The Gods Themselves, by Isaac Asimov.

Reader says,

He writes about one universe interfering in another – a good and bad experience locally. And they call multiverse theory a scientific theory… Yuh.

Oh hey, great cover art. But if we want science, let’s all try the Large Hadron Collider, which signally failed to front any of the nonsense.

See also: In at least one universe in the infinity, not every physicist drank the Kool-Aid? (The multiverse is something that’s just gotta gotta gotta be true. That’s the danger “to science and society.”)

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Hat tip: Pos-Darwinista

gpuccio @ 4, lol! thank you! Mung
Why the Multiverse May Be the Most Dangerous Idea in Physics - George Ellis - August 29, 2014 http://www.tokseminars.org/Science_News_of_the_Day/Entries/2014/8/29_Why_the_Multiverse_May_Be_the_Most_Dangerous_Idea_in_Physics.html bornagain77
Mung: Just a practical advice: enjoy the universe you are in at present, and don't worry! :) gpuccio
Not at all! I love multiverse fiction. I would have pointed, rather, to Stephen King’s “Dark Tower” cycle!
Sadly, the only version of me to read that was the version of me in this universe. Or did infinite versions of me read it in infinite universes while other infinite versions of me did not read it in a different infinity of universes. At least some version of me is confused in some universe, somewhere. Maybe. Mung
I would like to add the movie "Event Horizon" with Laurence Fishburne and Sam Neil, to the list of Sci-Fi. It was a thriller type show, usually they aren't worth the money. But this one had some interesting twists on the whole "good and evil". ciphertext
News: "Point taken. Not in dispute." Not at all! I love multiverse fiction. I would have pointed, rather, to Stephen King's "Dark Tower" cycle! gpuccio

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