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C.S. Lewis on intelligent design

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Reminiscing: A trailer for the 2013 book, The Magician’s Twin worth watching in its own right.

Excerpts Three-part documentary.

Hat tip: Ken Francis, co-author with Theodore Dalrymple of The Terror of Existence: From Ecclesiastes to Theatre of the Absurd

A really interesting book on this top is Alistair McIntyre's "After Virtue". He makes the point that all enlightenment attempts to define morality rationally failed, turning into baseless emotivism. This happens because they all try to eliminate teleology. They couldn't say one form of action was better than another because there was no best which to compare them. Darwin, in his attempt to eliminate teleology, was a part of this trend. Aquinas, on the other hand, tied all of morality into teleology, and also argues for the inference from design in his five ways. EricMH

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