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Can the Cambrian Explosion be explained away by the earlier Ediacaran Explosion?


No, but it does help keep the Darwinpatter going:

Lukas Ruegger is the personable new intelligent design “explainer” whose videos take an approach similar to Khan Academy’s. The latter’s offering on evolution is replete with junk science, as Casey Luskin has detailed. Ruegger’s treatment of the subject is much better, and I appreciate his clarity and brevity. In the first entry in his Basics of Intelligent Design Biology series, he introduced problems with reconciling Darwinian gradualism with the fossil record, especially the Cambrian explosion which is FAR from gradual. Now he shows why attempts to smooth over the contradictions have only made them worse. Watch Episode 2 of the series here, “Still NO Fossils?”

David Klinghoffer, “Lukas Ruegger on the “Ediacaran Explosion”— No Solution to the Cambrian Puzzle” at Evolution News and Science Today (March 16, 2022)

Are there transitional forms and Precambrian fossils which reveal the evolution of the diverse animal phyla that appear in the Cambrian explosion? The history of paleontology shows the answer is no! As paleontologists have learned more about the fossil and geological record, the challenge of the Cambrian explosion to Darwinian theory has only increased.

This video is part of “Basics of Intelligent Design Biology,” a video series reviewing scientific problems with the Darwinian (and neo-Darwinian) evolution of animal life. The first four episodes (season 1) will review the basics of the Cambrian explosion and failed evolutionary attempts to explain it using Precambrian fossils, punctuated equilibrium, and the tree of life.

This series is a partnership between Discovery Institute and Lukas Ruegger, creator of the Deflate YouTube Channel (https://www.youtube.com/c/Deflate2020), which has lots of great content dealing with science-faith questions and intelligent design.

Here’s the first item in the series, on Darwin’s “tree of life”:

Darwin’s tree of life is just… ground cover? “Charles Darwin himself predicted that countless intermediate animal forms must exist within the fossil record, given that organisms gradually evolved from one species into the next. However, what the fossil record actually shows is the exact opposite, namely, that whenever new species appear, they do so suddenly and without evidence of precursory forms in the geological record.”

Polistra, Lukas is alright, but faaar away from a 'Fuhrer'... i hope it won't sound too gay, but Lukas is too sweet and probably too young as well for this job ... Bechly is much closer to a 'Fuhrer' (i think they both are Germans ) When i should choose a 'Fuhrer' from ID/Creationists people, it definitely would be Dr. James Tour, which is somehow ironical, he is a Jew. If you have you seen any of Dr. Tour's presentations, you know what i am talking about. Anyway, Lukas's video production looks professional, and this is always a good thing. Like you said, a big improvement. martin_r
when the only thing you do is telling stories, you can explain away anything ... so do Darwinists ... but if you have to support your just-so stories with some real life evidence (like true scientists do), then, Darwinism breaks apart ... Darwinism is a collection of anecdotes ... very absurd anecdotes ... martin_r
Lukas is also a big improvement over Discovery's previous series with heavy metal soundtrack and a muzzled Fauci Fuhrer as narrator. polistra
Can the Cambrian Explosion be explained away by the earlier Ediacaran Explosion
sure it can ...Darwinists can explain away anything ... The question is, what rational person can still believe what a Darwinist say ? Because, Darwinists are always wrong ... martin_r

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