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Can we grow human brains in a dish?

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At Mind Matters News, bioethicist Heather Zeiger sorts through the claims:

In a recent report, Nature addressed several studies on disembodied brains grown in the lab. One of those studies, published last year by Alysson Muotri of the University of California, San Diego, showed that brain organoids (organized clusters of brain cells) displayed electrical signals reminiscent of a twenty-five-week-old pre-term baby. the electrical activity continued for several months until the experiment was eventually stopped…

These brain-like entities lack some very important neurological cell types that would make them truly “brains.” But many wonder whether we can make brains with human-like consciousness in a dish. Unfortunately, some conflate the mind with the brain and consciousness with brain activity, which creates confusion …

While experts can’t agree on the definition, scientists and ethicists generally agree that no one has created consciousness in a lab.

Heather Zeiger, “Can We Make Brains in a Dish? Can we make MINDS in a dish?” at Mind Matters News

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Correction to my last post it’s not “not” it’s “notice” And also “is really not mentioned” I’m really proud of my talk to text here, it actually almost put something coherent AaronS1978
https://www.discovermagazine.com/mind/brain-organoids-are-farther-from-consciousness-than-you-might-think Might want to give this a read first you will all not that this research really not mentioned in the nature article above You may also notice most articles google on the topic are like the nature one above stating that we have ALL but created consciousness AaronS1978

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