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Cancel Culture comes for the James Webb Space Telescope


It’s probably the only way the Woke can truly interact with it:

Get ready to cancel your favourite space photos!

James Webb may have served in the US Marine Corps, held a senior role at the State Department, and been appointed by President John F. Kennedy as Administrator of NASA during the heyday of the space race. What really matters, however, is that Webb lived in the homophobic 1950s and may even have been homophobic himself.

Rumours of Communist infiltration of the American government during that era made the US fearful that homosexual employees could be blackmailed by the Soviets on the basis of their taboo lifestyle. This was known as the “Lavender Scare”, and it led to the sacking of gay members of the civil service.

James Webb was aware of this policy and didn’t oppose it, even though he knew full well that 70 years later social norms would change and his behaviour would become appalling, repugnant and unthinkable. As reported by Scientific American last year:

James Mahlberg, “We demand that NASA rename its homophobic James Webb Space Telescope. Now!!!!!” at MercatorNet (July 20, 2022)

If we’re so lucky that the Woke promise to boycott science altogether and picket NASA instead, we accept their offer!


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