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Cannibalism love: We do get some odd-seeming messages from science these days…


Could just be the air we breathe. From Rachel Newer, a Valentine’s Day riff, at Smithsonian:

Fall in Love With Cannibalism This Valentine’s Day

We “civilized” folk tend to write off cannibalism as a freak phenomenon reserved for psychopaths, starvation and weird animals (I’m looking at you, praying mantis). In fact, eating others of your kind is a well-established biological strategy employed throughout the animal kingdom. Moreover, our own species’ history is rich with examples of this “eccentric” behavior, from medicinal consumption of human body parts in Europe to more epicurean people-eating in China. More.

Nuwer recounts her experience of eating chef-prepared human placenta.

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You're quite the moral relativist, DD. I suppose you take great self-satisfaction by your open mindedness. AnimatedDust
In some cultures, consuming the dead (or parts of the dead) was considered an act of love and respect. It certainly doesn't appeal to me, but I certainly won't condemn it. Darwins_downfall

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