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Captcha Problem Fixed

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We have had several comments lately about problems with the “captcha” function on comments.  As you might imagine, UD is inundated with spam, and the captcha function is designed to prevent the spammers from accessing the combox.

We have decided, however, to ratchet back on the captcha.  Now, you will need to fill in the captcha only when you log in to your user ID.  You will not need to fill it in to post comments.

We will try this for a while.  We worry that advanced spammers will take advantage of it, and if that happens we might have to change course.  But for now we will see how this works.

I just got caught up in the secondary captcha and went to a white screen on trying to complete it. I used the nonsense short post then edit trick. I suspect it did not like that there are two block quotes: https://uncommondesc.wpengine.com/atheism/an-infinite-past/#comment-596182 kairosfocus
Unrelated problem but even more annoying. The UD page refreshes every 5 minutes of so and when it does it starts to play a video from one of the sponsored links. So out of nowhere in the room an ad starts playing. It took me several times before isolating it to the UD page open on one of the browsers I use. My guess is that the comments pages do not refresh in the same way. jerry
Sorry but the second level captcha just popped up on me and sent me to a funny blank page again: https://uncommondesc.wpengine.com/atheism/dawkins-on-arguments-pointing-to-god/#comment-595621 I had to try the nonsense string short comment then edit to put in the real content trick. kairosfocus
Its been a tyrant to me for years. Yet spam and anything frustrating UD must be stopped. so one must do what one must do. actually the new way was working great for me for the first time ever. EVER. Robert Byers
Testing. 1, 2, 3. Test, test.. GaryGaulin
You just have to be smarter than the captcha mechanism. :) Mung
Thanks for update, let's see how this works. kairosfocus
Bless you, Barry! :) The thorn in my side was growing on a daily basis . . . This will make posting a lot more pleasant. Hopefully it will be workable in light of the spambots. Eric Anderson
Hey, on a lighter note, Spam filters force Nigerian prince to abdicate Or, as Monte Python puts it, “Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, Spammity Spam.” News

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