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Catching up: Young astronomer who paid the price for dissing Carl Sagan settling into new observatory

Refurbishing the observatory

I asked young astronomer Guillermo Gonzalez how things were going, after Iowa State University rejected his tenure in a case that stank to high heaven.

He replied,

Things are going well. I’ve started an astronomy minor program here at Grove City College and the refurbishment of the college’s new (old) observatory is essentially done. Here’s our observatory web page.

While it is more difficult to find the time to do research here, I have managed to squeeze out a few papers (2 in 2010).

Remember that, folks. Trolls and their lackeys don’t run the world (yet). You can still get in some good research and avoid their odious claptrap.

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Podcast: Is the earth uniquely situated for scientific observation? Do we live on a privileged planet?On this
episode of ID The Future we have a short clip about the book The Privileged Planet. In the book, authors Jay
Richards and Guillermo Gonzalez suggest that earth was designed for scientific discovery. They introduce a new
idea that more than just being rare in the universe, the earth is ideally located for scientific observation.
Go here to listen.
For those who don't know... Grove City College is an EXCELLENT undergraduate college with very competitive SAT Scores. Dr. Gonzalez is in a better place than Iowa State. The only difference is GGC only has an undergraduate program. However, if you consider this school, you will see that it is a college that......... (not necessarily in this order) 1) Has extremely high academic levels. Not in the PR that all colleges seem to put out in their brochures, but as measured by a) Student body that is highly selective b) Faculty that is distinguished, challenging, committed, and TEACHING c) A grading system that does not reflect grade inflation d) Respect given by employers of serious note. e) Quality of visiting lecturers It also has Financial integrity, as measured by........ a) Equity in dealing with tuition charges by avoiding 'cross subsidies'. b) Avoiding compromise of the college's mission and management through entanglements in Federal Regulation. Due to accepting taxpayer's involuntary support (the school refuses government aid of any kind, preferring to be independent, for fear of government interference with their curriculums and other programs). c) Making sure that students come, stay, and leave with a purpose, proactively monitored by a REAL career and guidance office. What's not to like ? And get this --- you get a good, quality education at VERY REASONABLE and COMPETITIVE TUITION RATES. SeekAndFind
bornagain77 at 2, coincidences do happen. I had it on my to do list to write and ask GG how things were going at GC. Nice to see ENV is keeping up with him too, but I don't swing by there as often as I should. Collin at 3, I gather he decided to just accept a job offer where he could continue to research in peace. Wise, in my view. A scientist has only so many good young years, and who wants to be a professional litigant? That said, Corn Waller U hasn't heard the last of this. O'Leary
Privileged Planet - Observability Correlation - Richards & Gonzalez - video http://www.metacafe.com/watch/5424431/ bornagain77
So did he sue Iowa State? If so, what happened? Collin
Well 'coincidentally', ENV has this just up: Peer-Reviewed Scientific Paper Cites Guillermo Gonzalez's Galactic Habitable Zone as Evidence Earth is a Privileged Planet http://www.evolutionnews.org/2011/01/peer-reviewed_scientific_paper_1042221.html bornagain77
It's good to hear that Gonzalez landed on his feet after the shafting he got at Iowa State. Dave W gingoro

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