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Some kind readers may have noticed that we have been changing things around a bit here at Uncommon Descent.

We are retooling the blog to serve you, our community, better, and will let you know of key developments as they come on stream.

Well, maybe some of the more liberal minded ID friendly commenters are going to be allowed back in after DaveScot's political banning frenzy of any Obama supporters. I think that was way over the top and not really thought through. I agree that there are political implications to ID but banning people cause they favor a different political view as if ID was all that was voted on was plain over the top. ID wants to be treated fairly with "teach both sides of the story" but UD (or the lone ranger DS) does not leave any ends to discussion on topics that fairly belong on this blog. Maybe there could be improvement in this direction. I would like to see political issues, not relating to ID (e.g. propaganda for one side or the other), banned from this site since there are also a lot of non Americans (like me) that visit this site. sxussd13
That's good news, Denyse. Something that might perk the site up a bit would be to have one of your posters check in regularly with the many journals that publish basic medical research. They are a treasure trove for design inference. We keep hearing that ID advocates have to do basic research to be considered scientists. Actually the research is already being done for them. allanius

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