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Chronicle of Higher Education discovers some facts about big science


Consensus science.

Chronicle still hasn’t released a free version of the bad news about consensus science, but a brief quote may be permissible:

While the public remains relatively unaware of the problem, it is now a truism in the scientific establishment that many preclinical biomedical studies, when subjected to additional scrutiny, turn out to be false. Many researchers believe that if scientists set out to reproduce preclinical work published over the past decade, a majority would fail. This, in short, is the reproducibility crisis.

The NIH, if it was at first reluctant to consider the problem, is now taking it seriously.

This scandal, of course, is where consensus gets us: Everyone is wrong for all the right reasons.

Incidentally, we also happened on, from NIH’s own site last August:

As you may know from recent news reports, there have been lapses in safety practices at federal laboratories involving potentially lethal microbes such as avian flu (H5N1) and anthrax, including an incident involving discovery of 60-year old smallpox vials in an FDA laboratory building located on the National Institutes of Health (NIH) campus in Bethesda, MD. Such lapses, which undermine public confidence in biomedical research and could put people’s health at risk, remind us of the need for constant attention to biosafety standards.

Scientists can never become complacent in routine safety practices—one mistake could have serious repercussions.

See also: Featured in an article, Amid a Sea of False Findings, the NIH Tries Reform?

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I can 100% say that education has not been at a good level recently. Even more, we can sort of be ashamed that every 5th student turn for custom essay writing help online. By the way, medical students as well. And these are the people we choose to trust our lives to. This fact is beyond disturbing. I can’t believe how easily we let such things go. I can live with other fields of education underperforming, but I can’t stand still when we speak of medicine and science. Anyway, we will never learn the truth. So do not expect for the article to come out. Visitor51
There's a pretty big difference between "remaining skeptical," and flat out ignoring the science. But hey, as a layman, your opinion and what you choose to believe doesn't really matter to the scientific community. When you talk about something that you know nothing of, you look like an idiot. Curly Howard
And this ladies and gents is why members of the public should remain sceptical of any claims coming from the scientific communities today. But it is worth noting that many of these so called scientists are nothing more than politicians and cult leaders. Is it any wonder that scientific integrity no longer exists? humbled
This scandal, of course, is where consensus gets us
How so? goodusername

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